Monday, November 14, 2011

And Finally a Winner!

Some of you know I was Pretty busy on 11/1/11 having a beautiful 9lb 3oz. baby girl. Luna Mae Star White. So the giveaway was postponed... Then our little peanut was having some health issues... After getting loads of UV rays blasted at her & lots of mommy's milk she is nice and healthy:).....
  Now what you all are waiting for the winner of the $50 gift Certificate was a Facebook Fan :)
Congrats Melissa Barrera!
Maybe she'll pick my New Nyan Cat Hoodie Scarf???
Don't forget to follow me here and on Facebook so you can be a winner too!


  1. That Hoodie Scarf is the cutest thing. Congrats Melissa. Oh yeah the baby is cute too ;) ;)

  2. congrats!! wish I had won but hey... still gonna keep buying stuff so I'm good!

  3. Yay for baby Luna being better!

    And congrats to the winner!